Tamiya 1/48 P-51B Mustang

Greg Wise

This bird was one of two similarly-named P-51s commonly assigned to Capt Rogers, himself a seven-victory ace with the 353rd, and today the highest-ranking surviving Mustang ace. This aircraft is a rare P-51B-7-NA, with a extra 75 gallon fuel tank in fuselage and was one of the first 769 delivered in olive drab and grey. Modifications were made in the field that included the installation of a Malcom hood and Sutton harness along with the factory paint being striped off and a striking combination of squadron colors and ETO D-Day strips. Other pilots also flew this particular aircraft, such as Capt Ken Dahlberg (SHELLELAGH) who scored some of his kills in it.
It's a Tamiya minor modifications were made to the cockpit and canopy pretty much straight out of the box build the fit was good but Tamiya would be well advised to include a opened Malcom hood as to expose a well detail OOB cockpit I think its just as good a after market one (at least the ones I seen)